Published On: Mon, Mar 1st, 2021

Equals ties up with Tap Global to offer crypto currency exchange services

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Equals, a payments group focused on the SME marketplace, has entered into a partnership with to offer crypto currency exchange services to its B2B and B2C customer bases.

According to Equals, its strategy is to offer various payment services across all currencies in a simple, accessible platform.

The payments group said that it has enabled its customers to trade into and out of crypto currencies. This capability is planned to become part of a larger strategy which would include crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) for the company.

As its first partner, Equals has selected Tap Global, a company registered in Gibraltar, which holds the ‘distributed ledger technology’ (DLT) licence.

– Co-Founder and COO of Tap Global said: “Tap, like Equals, has the user experience at the top of our agenda.  The Tap products and services can add an additional dimension to the Equals user base.  Enhanced future co-operation will only increase the inter-operability of both independent platforms.”

Equals ties up with Tap Global to offer crypto currency exchange services

Equals ties up with Tap Global to offer crypto currency exchange services. Photo courtesy of WorldSpectrum from Pixabay.

Equals said that the agreement will be initially on a referral basis, enabling its customer base to directly interact with Tap Global.

In the near future, the London-based payments group intends to improve the connectivity of its independent platforms, which will result in a better and seamless customer experience.

– CEO of Equals said: “Equals exists to make cross-currency payments easier and cheaper for its customers whilst adhering to the highest levels of compliance and risk control.  It is now a logical step for the Group to add a capability to allow our clients to convert into and out of crypto currencies against the fiat currencies.

“The tie-up with Tap, a regulated and well-accredited partner, allows us to offer just such a service, which provides crypto currency liquidty.  We look forward to further positive developments within our digital offering.”

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