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Effects and Drawbacks of Vigabatrin – A New Drug for Epilepsy

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Vigabatrin – Drug for

Vigabatrin : Antiepileptic Drug

Vigabatrin is the first designer drug for the treatment of epilepsy.

Chemical Nature of Vigabatrin:

Vigabatrin is the vinyl substituted analogue of GABA, that was designed as an inhibitor of the GABA-metabolising enzyme GABA transaminase.

Vigabatrin is extremely specific for the GABA transaminase enzyme and works by forming a strong irreversible covalent bond.

Effect of vigabatrin on animals in animal studies:

  • Increases the GABA content of the brain
  • Increases the stimulation evoked release of GABA
  • Inhibition of the GABA transaminase enzyme leads to the increased releasable pool of the GABA and enhances the inhibitory transmission effectively
  • Neurotoxicity is reported in animals

Effect of vigabatrin in humans:

  • Increases the content of GABA in the cerebro spinal fluid
  • The enzyme GABA transaminase is blocked irreversibly, so it shows long lasting effect even though it s having short plasma half-life
  • The drug is administered once orally everyday

Drawbacks of Vigabatrin:

may be seen in some patients. Psychotic disturbances are faced by a minority of the patients. There are relatively no other side effects than the above factors.

It is found effective in a substantial proportion of the patients who are resistant to the established . It will gain the therapeutic importance in the near future.

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