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Lose Weight Quickly And Easily With These Simple Yoga Tips and Tricks!

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Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight? Find out the answer to this question from our and also get to learn the fat loss yoga exercises in our online yoga classes.

Though there could be genetic and various other factors behind lifestyle diseases, the most common reason is . And losing weight becomes a priority as soon as obesity starts giving to rise to these ailments. If you are one of those obese or overweight people who have tried various fat loss programs without any long term results, then it is time to try out yoga for weight loss. Surprisingly, despite Yoga being a cost effective formula for permanent weight loss, people tend to go for fad diets and hyped programs for quick fat loss.

Why Yoga for Weight Loss?

First of all, you do not need any equipment to get many benefits of yoga. Weight loss is just one of them. Secondly, yoga programs can be done anywhere. All you need is a little open space and of course some time every day (preferably in morning) to perform yoga. Though open space in in the morning is the best time for yoga, it can also be done indoors if the temperature and humidity level is similar to outside climate.

Hot Yoga for Weight Loss

In fact, Hot Yoga by Bikram Chaudhary gained popularity in 1970s because it could be performed in artificially created hot and humid climate mimicking the climatic condition of India. Though yoga in general is highly effective in improving the overall health, slightly hot atmosphere increases the yogi’s flexibility and helps in achieving faster results. Bikram Yoga or Hot yoga for weight loss is performed at 105 degrees F (40 degree Celsius)

Yoga Weight Loss Diet

Among hundreds of yogic postures, there are certain poses that are more effective for weight loss. However, in addition to performing yoga asana (poses), a weight loss aspirant must change his/her eating habits for best results. Yoga weight loss diet is simple; consisting of fruits, leafy vegetable, cereals and milk while cutting down on fatty and oily food. There are various tailored diet plans for weight loss if you are planning to combine yoga and dieting. Your yoga instructor can give you the exact diet chart suitable for your needs

Easy Yoga for Weight loss

Contrary to common belief, yoga is not as easy as it seems. In fact, you may take a few weeks to a few months before you start gaining perfection in one pose. However, similar to various other exercise and workout systems, yoga for weight loss starts with warming up sessions so that a new learner’s body becomes flexible enough to perform tough postures meant for fat loss. In fact if you have never tried out yogic asanas, then you can start with deep breathing coupled with a a few beginners’ yoga positions. Once you master the beginners or easy yoga, you can start tough postures.

Yoga for Weight Loss

If you have not heard of Baba Ramdev, then here is a quick introduction. Baba Ramdev is an Indian spiritual leader with expertise in Yoga. Based in Haridwar, India, he is also the founder of Patanjali Yogapeeth which was established with an aim to promote yoga and Ayurveda in UK. He has a huge fan following across the world and he has taught yoga to many celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shilpa Shetty.

Keeping in mind the widespread health issues cause by obesity, Baba Ramdev devised series of yogic asanas and breathing exercises for weight loss. Baba Ramdev yoga for weight loss gained quick popularity due to simplicity, clear instructions and relatively faster effects than what is offered by many fat reduction programs. His weight loss yoga session DVDs, Ayurvedic medicines and various other health products can be ordered online.

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