Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2018

Did you know eyes can improve mental health

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According to new study at the University of Missouri-Columbia, researchers took account of a person’s state of mind and found that a person’s eyes can find a solution to multitasking, a way to cope with the work pressure.

We know that demands of work pressure have increased so much in today’s life and stress of this workload can be reduced by a person’s eye.

anxious looking man

Anxiety representative image. Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

The researchers found that the size of a pupil could be the key to measure someone’s mental state when they do multitasking.

Researchers found a data-driven way for various industries such as emergency communicators, office workers, industry and manufacturing factory workers to globally measure the levels of stress in their workers while they are multitasking or performing work-related duties with simultaneous low and high complexity tasks.

Researchers compared data from a workload metric by the observation of papillary response from participants in a lab study.

The participant’s eye searching behaviours were more predictable during the scenario’s simple tasks. With the tasks becoming more complex and unpredictable changes took place, the eye behaviours became more erratic.

With this data from the study and by applying a formula known as fractal dimension, researchers found out that a negative relationship between fractal dimension of pupil dilation and a person’s workload that states that pupil dilation could be used to indicate the mental workload of a person in a multitasking environment.

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