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Desi Herbal Tips for General Debility (Loss of Strength), Nausea and Dog bite

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Desi Herbal Tips for General Debility (Loss of Strength)

Sage is an excellent pick-me-up. Take 100g of fresh sage leaves and soak them in a bottle of white wine for about two weeks. Add honey to it for getting sweet taste and leave it for 24 hours. Strain it by using muslin cloth and press it while straining. Collect the solution in a bottle and it should be taken before meals.

Desi Herbal Tips for Nausea

  • Neebu pani at the time of nausea will be helpful.
  • Soft kheera should be eaten gradually to get rid of obstinate nauseatic codition.
  • To get immediate relief from nausea, chew salted dry ginger sticks.
  • Take half a cup of onion juice mixed with two teaspoonfuls of honey for relief from nausea and vomiting.
  • Powdered cinnamon and sliced ginger work by interrupting nausea signals sent from the stomach to the brain. If you take herbal tea, sprinkle powdered cinnamon on the tea and then drink.
  • Drink ginger tea to check nausea.
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English: balm herbal tea Polski: Napar z melisy lekarskiej (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Desi Herbal Tips for Dog Bite

In case of dog bite, first apply mustard oil on that part and then pack that area with red pepper powder. It will check disease from spreading even if the dog is rabid (affected by rabies).

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