Published On: Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

Dengue Fever Quick Facts | Know about Dengue Symptoms and Dengue Treatment

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Quick read about dengue epidemic and how the dengue virus infection is caused by a single mosquito bite. All you need to know about dengue fever symptoms and dengue treatment guidelines.

A small mosquito is capable of taking the life of a human being. Yes, that is indeed true whether it is , chikungunya, yellow fever, dengue, Japanese encephalitis and other diseases – all of these are caused by mosquito bites! Never ever take mosquitoes lightly. They can cause more harm than you would imagine. Most of the times when a mosquito bites, we tend to scratch the affected area and tend to forget about it after sometime. However, there are unfortunate times when we do get bitten by disease-carrying mosquitoes. The key to prevent this from happening is to keep our surrounding neat and never let stagnant water stay near our house which provides excellent breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

What is Dengue Fever and Dengue Transmission

Dengue fever or simply dengue is a common , especially in the third world countries where there is a compromise on hygiene because of the huge population and lack of awareness in the masses. Also known as breakbone fever, dengue is transmitted primarily by genus. The result of a bite from these types of mosquitoes is dengue which causes symptoms like high fever, headache, muscle sprains, joint pains, and skin rash like in measles.

Dengue can be life threatening if it is not diagnosed early and treated. Doctors ask patients with high fever to go for blood tests to see if they are affected with dengue or other insect-borne diseases. Aedes mosquitoes, especially the Aedes aegypti genus which are the transmitters of dengue usually bite their victims in the day time.

Dengue Symptoms:

  • High Fever
  • Chills
  • when moving
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Noticeable Rash on the Skin
  • Severe Headache
  • Severe Joint and Muscle Pains
  • Swollen Nodes

Dengue Treatment Guidelines

There is no specific antibiotic or medicine that can counter dengue as it is caused by a virus. However, a doctor can prescribe medicines that can provide relief from various dengue symptoms. Proper rest is essential for a dengue patient along with adequate fluid intake to keep the body hydrated. When a patient is affected with dengue, he/she may show bleeding symptoms as there is a gradual decrease in blood platelets. It is all the more important for dengue patients to have fruits and vegetables to increase their blood platelets.

Dengue Prevention and Control

Prevention is better than cure is the age old proverb that has stood the test of time for several centuries. Same is the case with dengue. Identify the regions where mosquitoes are prone to breed and neutralize them with DDT and other chemical filled fogging methods. Ask your nearest civic authority or any other related office to take care of this as it is their duty in essential. You can help the cause by keeping your surroundings neat and hygienic at the most. Use mosquito killing machines and in your house or mosquito killing sprays that can keep them at bay. In fact we are even getting dengue mosquito repellents in the market which are a must to use.

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