Published On: Sun, Dec 17th, 2017

Coca Cola India launches Maaza Gold, a thicker and smoother mango beverage

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Maaza Gold launch news : Coca-Cola has launched a new variant of its popular mango beverage Maaza through Maaza Gold which it claims is a premium mango drink prepared from the highest quality mangoes.

Maaza Gold is said to have a richer and smoother taste than Maaza, which was launched in the 1970s.

According to , Maaza Gold has been launched in a one-litre Tetra Pak packaging which has a metallic laminate to make the new mango beverage product stand out on the retail shelves.

Maaza Gold can be found across retail outlets, select grocery stores and online stores.

Maaza Gold launch

Maaza Gold launch. Photo courtesy of .

Commenting on Maaza Gold launch, Srideep Kesavan – Director Marketing – Juices, Coca-Cola India & South West Asia, said: “We are always listening to our consumers and with the launch of Maaza Gold the company is expanding its product portfolio in-line with consumer tastes.

“The company at the same time is also accelerating Maaza’s journey towards becoming a homegrown billion dollar brand by 2023.”

Coca-Cola India says that Maaza Gold can be consumed as a shake as well by adding milk to the thick mango juice. Apart from that with Maaza Gold being thick, it can be used a topping on ice creams.

Maaza Gold launch comes just days after Coca-Cola India had launched a new variant of its popular desi cola brand in the form of Thums Up Charged which it says comes with much more thunder than the original.

Unlike Thums Up Charged, people may not easily find Maaza Gold as of now in any other retail store they would come across. So, if you are looking to taste Maaza Gold, then check out the big supermarkets in your city which could most probably have the new mango beverage.

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