Published On: Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

Clas Ohlson to acquire stake in Swedish online grocery store MatHem

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Retail acquisition news : Swedish retail company Clas Ohlson has agreed to buy a stake of 10% in i Sverige, the holdings company of MatHem, a Sweden-based for SEK 221 million ($26.16 million)

According to Clas Ohlson, MatHem is one of the top e-commerce operator and the largest online grocery store in Sweden with deliveries in various larger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund.

The equity investment from Clas Ohlson will enable a select range of its products to be purchased by customers on MatHem and also be delivered right at their doorsteps.

Clas Ohlson’s products fall under the categories of Hardware, Electrical, Home, Leisure and Multimedia.

The products of Clas Ohlson that are mainly expected to be sold through MatHem online grocery store are consumables along with kitchen equipment, cleaning products and other household products.

Clas Ohlson to invest in Swedish online grocery store MatHem

Clas Ohlson to invest in Swedish online grocery store MatHem. Photo courtesy of Clas Ohlson.

For the Swedish retail company, the partnership with MatHem, offers opportunities to reach new customers through the latter’s digital platform. It would also provide better service to the existing customers of Clas Ohlson with convenient and fast deliveries to customer’s place.

Commenting on the Clas Ohlson MatHem partnership, Lotta Lyrå – President and CEO of Clas Ohlson, said: “Today, many of Clas Ohlson’s top sellers are consumables for the home. Customers’ purchasing patterns for this type of products are largely similar to the pattern for the purchase of food.

“The collaboration makes our range more accessible to customers with fast and flexible deliveries, which is key to e-commerce success.”

The Swedish retail company Clas Ohlson operates in six countries with more than 200 physical stores and has around 4,800 employees.

Commenting on the Clas Ohlson investment in MatHem, Tomas Kull – CEO of Mathem said: “We very much look forward to getting started working with Clas Ohlson. We share the same values and mission to make everyday life a little easier for our customers.

“The Clas Ohlson range opens many new doors and the customer experience gets better with our combined offer.”

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