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Chest Congestion: Home remedies for chest congestion

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Lungs are a part of respiratory system or pulmonary system and they play an important role to pump and transport oxygen to different organ systems of our body.

Factors that lead to chest congestion include environmental pollutants, bacterial strains, virus and lifestyle diseases. These may put people at risk of getting TB, , bronchitis and lung cancer.

By taking proper care and lifestyle changes, we can take good care of lungs without compromising on their functioning.

Chest congestion home remedies

Below listed are few ways by which you can treat chest congestion.

Quit smoking

Smoking can damage your pulmonary or respiratory system and is the leading cause of lung cancer and chest congestion. Millions of people die of lung cancer every year. Smoking has been banned in many companies, organizations and in public premises.

The best way to prevent chest congestion is by quitting smoking.

Avoid smog, pollution

It is difficult to avoid smog, smoke and vehicular pollution in cosmopolitan city. In such cases, wear a mask while going out on a two-wheeler. If in a car, keep your car windows up to prevent gas fumes from entering into your car. Children need utmost care as they are vulnerable to chronic diseases like asthma.


Cardiovascular exercises include jogging, running and hiking which are good for lungs and they strengthen the heart and lungs. These exercises improve lung’s oxygen carrying capacity and leads to overall fitness and .

This lessens the chances of suffering from chest congestion if you have healthy lungs.

Practicing yoga, deep breathing and meditation helps in keeping the lungs healthy. Breathing improves lung functioning and gives relief from chronic diseases like asthma and chest congestion. For this you need to practice yoga 3-4 times in a week.

Personal hygiene:

We need to practice good personal hygiene and stay away from infected people. Infected people carry germs that spread deadly diseases like TB and pneumonia which cause chest congestion. These infections spread through contact with infected droplets. So make sure to wear a mask while visiting sick people. Take and minerals when you are prone to suffer chest congestion.

Healthy food

For overall health and fitness, you need to eat healthy food. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet to stay fit and healthy. Fruits and vegetables boost immunity and they have antioxidants that help you to get rid of free radicals from your body and prevent cancer of the lungs.

Annual health checkups

If you have chronic bronchitis, chest congestion or asthma, get health checkups regularly for any medical ailments.  Annual health checkups ensure best to maintain your health. Asthmatics should be very careful and avoid stressful situations that may trigger an asthmatic attack. Follow all necessary precautions and be careful while taking medication.

Steam Inhalation

Mild chest congestion can be relieved with steam inhalation. To clear up chest congestion, add few droplets of eucalyptus oil to boiling water and inhale the steam.

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