Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

Check out amazing tips to get glowing skin in seven days

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Want to know how to get glowing in short time, we are here to share some sure shot tips to get glowing skin in just 7 days.

Check out this post for amazing tips to get rid of dull skin and to bring back glow on your face.

Tips for glowing skin

The first tip is that you should never without cleansing your face even at midnight. This is because when we sleep to vitalize our mind, skin rejuvenates automatically and the last thing skin gets before sleep works out well on the dermis.

Apply a good and potent night cream as per your skin type and it is the true need of hour at that time.

You have to hydrate your body by drinking pure water as water is the healthiest drink for healthy skin and body.

Take time to sun bathe for few minutes for sure and use a SPF on face and avoid splashing it on legs, neck and other protected areas so that vitamin D gets absorbed. SPF applied on face will help you to avoid pigmentation, wrinkles and skin .

Apply almond oil if your skin type is dry to normal, or you can apply baby oil for oily skin type on the face. Applying face pack is the best moisturizer for skin. Face pack should be applied more on slightly damp face and remove the excess with tissue paper when the skin is oily type within 30 minutes and for to normal skin the face pack can be kept longer.

You can take shower with mild soaps and dabbing essential , you can apply moisturizers on damp body like petroleum jelly, glycerine, mineral oil etc so that skin can retain moisture and prevent skin from dehydration during winter season.

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