Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2021

CBD beverage maker DEFY launches alkaline water product

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DEFY, a performance CBD beverage with 0% THC, has launched , its first non-CBD beverage in the form of a high-performance alkaline water.

DEFY Water marks the debut of the company in the non-CBD beverage sector.

The alkaline water product will be available in three sizes of 20oz, 1L, and 1.5L. It can be bought online at the company website and in select retailers across the US starting from this month.

DEFY Water is said to be ionized with an alkaline pH 9.5+, infused with vital electrolytes and minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Created in a solar-powered facility, the alkaline water product is said to have been launched by DEFY to address the increasing consumer demand for healthier, great-tasting, purified water.

CBD beverage maker DEFY launches alkaline water product

CBD beverage maker DEFY launches alkaline water product. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

According to the company, DEFY Water is free from impurities such as bisphenol A, MTBE, chlorines, hormones, and other common hazards and contaminants, and is optimized for providing premium taste and supercharged cellular hydration.

– DEFY Co-Founder said: “It’s no secret that athletes and active individuals need enhanced hydration, so the chemistry of our water matters more than ever.

“Ionized water with a pH above 9.5 is essential for better focus, improved hydration, faster muscle recovery, and reduced cramping.”

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