Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

Caronlab Australia to unveil hair removal products at ECRM EPPS show

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Cosmetic industry news : Waxxxie and Bump eRaiser manufacturer is all set to present its hair removal products and products for the prevention of ingrown-hairs at next month’s ECRM EPPS trade show in Miami, Florida to some of the leading retail buyers in the US.

EPPS, which expands to Personal Care Efficient Program Planning Sessions is a trade show to be held from 17 July to 19 July at the Marriott Hotel in Biscayne Bay.

The cosmetics trade show enables personal care, grooming, oral and travel and trial firms like Caronlab Australia link up with retail buyers in private sessions and exhibit their products.

EPPS is known to help in enhancing brand recognition for the attending cosmetic manufacturers such as Caronlab Australia, by bringing awareness among the retailers about its unisex products.

Waxxxie Salon Wax – a Sensitive Skin creamy formula from Caronlab Australia

Waxxxie Salon Wax – a Sensitive creamy formula from Caronlab Australia. Photo courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Caronlab Australia

– Caronlab Australia retail brand manager, said: “We offer the best waxing products, regardless of your waxing experience.

“People experienced in waxing should try our Aquawax Roll On Kit and Wax Strips, a comprehensive set of waxing tools for the whole body. Less experienced waxers should try a gentler product first, like our Salon Wax, which uses low heat and is microwaveable.”

At the ECRM EPPS trade show in Miami, cosmetic manufacturers and others are expected to show buyers products for oral care, shaving, family planning, men’s grooming, feminine hygiene and travel products.

The person behind Caronlab Australia is Lilliane Caron, who in 1979 for her own salon had developed original wax formulas. She created her superior range of affordable and convenient-to-use home waxing products ranges under the brands – Waxxxie and Bump eRaiser.

The Bump eRaiser waxing product range features formulations, that have been scientifically proven with a capability of cooling and soothing the skin.

Some of Lilliane Caron’s favorite ingredients include Tea Tree Oil, guarana, oil, and natural fruit acids. Caronlab Australia says that these ingredients assist in exfoliating and decreasing strain to the skin apart from closing pores to inhibit the cycle of natural .

Greg Ure – CEO at Caronlab Australia, said: “Sugar-based Waxxxie Aquawax is 100 percent water soluble, and comes with 12 washable and reusable wax strips, wax and an application spatula.

“Washable Fabric Strips are available for purchase to replenish the 12 washable strips it comes with. The strips are designed for body hair removal.”

The Bump eRaiser waxing product range has six products to help in all steps of hair removal process. Included in this are Concentrated Serum to stop ingrown hairs, the Zesty Wash antibacterial wash, Cool Splash skin coolant, Triple Action Lotion for post-hair removal, and Exfoliating Mitt for massaging away dead skin cells, Medi Paste to help remove ingrown hairs, razor bumps and pimples.

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