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Health Benefits of Capsicum and How it is a Natural Weight Loss Formula!

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In this daily health needs article, we talk about Capsicum health benefits and Capsicum Weight Loss Formula which is used is Pills. Also know everything you need to know about Capsicum from its cultivation to synonyms.

Capsicum is a genus of one of the flowering plants of the Solanaceae family. It consists of dried ripe fruits of Capsicum annuum Linn.  It is known by many other popular names such as chillies and cayenne pepper (capsicum pepper). Though native to the US where it has been grown for thousands of years, capsicum is now cultivated in every part of the world.  It has become a key ingredient in some of most relished dishes throughout the world.

Capsicum Cultivation

Types of capsicum

As ideal growing condition for peppers is sunny climate with warm soil that is moist but not waterlogged, Capsicum is cultivated  in almost all tropical countries including India, East Africa and . In India, it is mainly produced in  , Gujarat, , Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Assam regions. Grown as rabi and kharif crop in India, Chilli cultivation is rotated with sugarcane and turmeric crops. The most common capsicum is red, orange or reddish brown in color with pungent taste and oblong and conical shape.  Some of the most common varieties of Capsicum are NP-41, NP-34, NP-46 and NP-51.

Chemical Composition of Capsicum

The pungent taste if capsicum is due to the presence of capsaicin’. The amount of capsaicin is dependent upon the the variety of the plant.  The red color of capsicum comes from capsanthin’ and ‘carotene that create pigments. Capsicum is also a rich source of proteins, ascorbic acid and thiamine which work collectively and give us many health benefits including weight loss and appetizing effects.

Synonyms of Capsicum

Bengali – Lal-Mirchi
Gujarati – Marchan
Hindi – Lal-mircha
Kannada – Mensinkay
Malayalam – Mulagu
Marathi – Lal-Mirchi
Sanskrit – Mirchi-palan
Tamil – Panchirmolaga
Telugu – Mirapakayalu
Oriyan – Lalilanka
German – Echtebeiss beere
French – Piment
Italian – Peporossa

Health Benefits of Capsicum

  • It prevents and diabetic neuropathic pain
  • It helps in alleviating arthritis pain
  • It gives relief from symptoms of menopause
  • It works wonders in treatment of peptic ulcer
  • It works as an anti aging agent and improves the overall health of skin
  • It is beneficial in treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
  • Capsicum helps in natural weight loss

Capsicum for Weight Loss

As mentioned above that capsicum is a rich source of capsaicin which gives it the pungent flavor it is known for. This substance is also responsible for producing heat in the users’ body. In fact it is because of this heat that capsicum works as a natural weight loss trigger. You might have noticed that you start sweating after eating  a spicy food. It is basically due to the heat produced by various spices and capsaicin containing spices are some of best heat producing agents.

This whole process is called and it speeds up your metabolism that boosts  your fat burning system. In fact it works in a similar way to when you exercise and your body heat up and you feel energetic. However, it is possible only when you consume capsaicin  in enough quantities. Capsaicin also stimulates lipolysis  which is essentially the process of fat burning.

Capsiplex Sport-Power Packed Capsicum Weight Loss Formula

Advanced Health LTD
It goes without saying that you cannot eat  capsicum in large quantities to reduce weight. In fact, eating bell pepper in large quantities may be counterproductive and may result in gastric problems. Keeping this in mind, Capsiplex Sport has been produced. It gives you the exact amount of capsicum’s weight loss components that work together to help you burn 278 extra calories everyday. It unleashes the capsicum power and triggers your weight loss system naturally.

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