Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013

Can Humans Regenerate the Lost Organs?

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Have you ever seen regeneration of lost organs in Humans?

Perhaps this is a wonder limited to films and mythological stories only. However certain Amphibians, Fish, Frogs and Salamanders can regenerate their lost parts of the body successfully. Salamanders belonging to class Amphibians can regenerate successfully their limbs, upper and lower jaws, the eye lens, retina and intestines if they are lost.

Zebra fish can regenerate its fins, scales, spinal cord and a part of the heart. Mammals can also regenerate the damaged part of their body however they can all regenerate the damaged part of the liver.

Normally in humans if an injury of the body occurs the wound is healed by the formation of scar tissue. Contrary to this in the animals that can regenerate the mature cells at the site of the broken part transform into immature cells and multiply in numbers. These bunches of cells are referred as ‘Blastema’ cells.

These cells acquire the capacity of regeneration by restarting the process of embryogenesis and exactly the same part is regenerated. This capacity of regenerating of organs exists in these animals as a genetically programmed feature.

Humans can re grow the tip of the finger occasionally if broken above the last joint to a limited extent. However all humans can regenerate the liver effectively even if it is damaged to the extent of 75%.

The other organs cannot be regenerated of their own accord if they are lost. Perhaps this may be due to the fact that as a dire necessity it is retained as the liver is constantly exposed to severe toxins in the detoxification process and exposure to viruses etc. Therefore the process of regeneration is retained in liver.

The other organs lost their capacity to regenerate over the generations. Scientists identified two genes in those animals that can regenerate namely fGf 20 and hSp 60 which help in regeneration. Though these genes are also present in humans they cannot be revoked to function.

Perhaps in future a drug or any chemical will be found that can revoke these defunct genes to regenerate like Salamanders and other animals. Let us hope for the best in the future!

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