Published On: Sat, Oct 22nd, 2016

Breast Cancer Cognitive Impairment : Belgium University to conduct ground-breaking clinical trial

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-based The University of is all set to conduct its first clinical trial to reduce the severity of the cognitive deficit associated with treatment.

For this, will be using a video game training and assessment, scientifically-designed by UK-based My Cognition which focuses on cognitive health.

Breast Cancer Cognitive Impairment

So far, extensive research continues to focus on eradicating tumours. However, the cognitive impact pre-and-post treatment of breast cancer is also picking up gradually.

Dr Anne Bellens of the University Hospital of Antwerp said: “Breast cancer sufferers often experience a reduced quality of life after treatment completion. The majority of research into treatments focus on preventing tumour growth, and the spread of the disease.”

Breast Cancer Cognitive Impairment

Breast Cancer Cognitive Impairment

On the trial using MyCognition’s cognitive training and assessment tools and programmes, Dr Bellens said: “This new approach offers people with breast cancer hope that an intervention could be effective in assessing and minimising the cognitive impact of the disease in , significantly improving their quality of life.”

While exact causes of breast cancer cognitive impairment are yet to be known, an estimated 30% of patients face cognitive impairment relating to chemo-fog and chemotherapy. Besides, patients’ quality of life is also significantly impacted by the neurotoxic effects resulting from some of the treatments that alter cognitive function.

Keiron Sparrowhawk, MyCognition founder and CEO said: “MyCognition’s mission has been to help individuals with cognitive deficits. We are proud to be working with Dr Anne Bellens to carry out this ground-breaking clinical trial, which we hope will change the lives of patients by improving their cognitive function through the use of MyCQ.”

The University of Antwerp’s trial is looking at improving the understanding of how breast cancer affects cognition and whether it can be improved after breast cancer treatment or not.

It will also be the first clinical trial of breast cancer to use a scientifically-designed, clinically-validated non-invasive medical device intervention in the form of a cognitive assessment tool and video game.

The clinical trial related to breast cancer cognitive impairment will feature 40 female breast cancer patients who will undergo My Cognition assessment. Random number of 20 will complete the training. Results of the breast cancer clinical trial are expected to be announced in 2017-18.

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