Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Bandai Namco and Crunchyroll partner for complete content experience for users

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Bandai Namco Entertainment (BNE), a Japanese interactive entertainment producer and developer, has entered into a strategic partnership with Crunchyroll Games to provide a complete content experience for users.

Under the agreement, both the companies will provide fans with a rewarding and integral experience with the intellectual properties of their favorite characters through a range of touchpoints such as cartoons, games, and comics.

Bandai Namco Entertainment will also integrate its expertise in network content development with Crunchyroll’s direct connection to the anime community.

Bandai Namco and Crunchyroll join forces to provide complete content experience for users

Bandai Namco and Crunchyroll join forces to provide complete content experience for users. Image courtesy of Business Wire.

Toru Konno – director of Bandai Namco Entertainment said: “With Crunchyroll’s expansive global community and subscribers, this partnership was a strategic fit and critical step in expanding our entertainment business.

“We have a corporate philosophy of creating “more fun for everyone” and we are always striving to do that and look forward to seeing what we can build together with Crunchyroll in the coming years.”

This winter, Crunchyroll users in the US will have access to Bandai Namco Entertainment’s browser and mobile game Naruto X Boruto’s Ninja Tribes to mark the first stage of the alliance.

Joanne Waage – general manager of Crunchyroll said: “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is a global force that shares our goal of connecting the anime community to each other through beloved content.

“We’re looking forward to building on our partnership to offer even more interactive experiences to bring our fans together.”

Crunchyroll with a global community of over 50 million registered users and more than 2 million subscribers is an anime and manga destination.

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