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Reasons For Getting Bald and What is Male Pattern Baldness

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We address the problem of in men in this post. So the question that most of the bald men might be pondering is ‘Why am I losing my hair?’ or ‘What are the reasons for getting bald?’ Learn about the real baldness causes and the male pattern baldness in this article and find out how you can arrest the actual culprits behind your hair loss. We give you details for hair fall prevention and baldness cure in men.

Baldness or hair loss is a very common issue faced by a majority people across the world. Though it is mainly in their genes, there are various other reasons such as and constant tension that cause hair loss especially in men. Baldness can be very embarrassing and confidence lowering factor in many men. Some of them accept it as a part of nature and learn to live with it. Let’s take a look at some of the most common male pattern hair loss related issues and how to reverse the process if it has already set in.

Male Pattern Baldness – Can it be Avoided?

An androgen or hormone called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT attacks the root of hair called hair follicle and stops the growth of not just one follicle but the hair growth in the surrounding areas of the scalp. This process is called follicle miniaturization and it spreads to other areas of the head usually starting from sides of the forehead resulting in gradual hair loss. As hairline start receding from the forehead, it becomes noticeable. This whole process remains same and is known as male pattern baldness or Androgenetic alopecia in medical terminology.

Other Causes of Baldness

  • Aging – It is a natural process
  • Special Medication – Treatments such as chemotherapy and other treatments that attack hair follicles and stop their growth.
  • Nutritional Deficits – Eating disorder or special meal plans for specific purpose may lead to chemical imbalance and cause baldness.
  • Hormonal Imbalances – due to various reasons may result in hair loss.
  • Thyroid Disorders may also lead to baldness in many cases.
  • Scalp Infections – Hair loss can result from infections as well
  • Iron-Deficiency – Anaemia due to any reason may lead to hair loss
  • Excessive use of Chemically Enriched Hair Products

Early Signs of Balding

  • Receding Hairline on the Forehead
  • Balding Patch around the Crown of the Head
  • M Pattern on The Forehead
  • Losing More Than 50 Hairs Everyday
  • Thinning and Shortening Of Hair

Baldness Impact

No matter how much bald men claim that hair loss is not a big issue for them and it does not make any difference to their life, deep inside they want to re-grow their hair. In fact, it not only spoils the external appearance but also impacts the inner confidence level. It goes without saying that they try their best to stop hair loss by using OTC drugs and ineffective methods. After a few attempts they give up believing that baldness is natural and beyond their control.

However the good news is that male pattern hair loss can not only be stopped but can also be reversed by using tried and tested Alopecia Treatment for men. It has been scientifically proven that reducing excessive amount of DHT is an effective method to stop the process. Once the DHT flow is slowed or stopped, dormant hair follicles are activated resulting in hair growth again. However the challenge is to reduce DHT production as soon as you notice the first sign of baldness. Delay in starting hair loss treatment will stretch the treatment period and may also be less effective.The sooner you start, the better.

Natural Herbs to Reduce DHT

Pumpkin Seeds

If you can eat raw pumpkin seeds, then it will give you the best results. It is known for DHT blocking effects due to abundance of amino acids and steroids in these seeds.

Saw Palmetto

The anti-androgen effect if this herb has been researched and studied extensively. It stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT and helps in promoting hair growth.

Green Tea

One of the most convenient and easiest ways to stop DHT production is consuming green tea. It significantly reduces the amount of DHT testosterone concentration.

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