Published On: Sun, Jul 15th, 2018

Antoxerene, Juvenescence form JV to develop senolytic drugs

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Antoxerene, a pharma company focused on developing small molecule senolytic drugs for pathways of aging, has launched a joint venture called FoxBio with investment company , which will focus on developing small molecule drugs for diseases of aging.

FoxBio will develop the collection of small molecules of Antoxerene that senescent cells. Juvenescence will help FoxBio with $10 million in equity financing alongside its drug development expertise.

Antoxerene, which is a portfolio company of Ichor Therapeutics, focuses on small molecule discovery by studying protein-protein interactions that drive the survival of toxic senescent cells, which have been known to play a role in the onset and progression of various age-associated diseases.

Kelsey Moody – Antoxerene CEO, commenting on the senolytic drugs development partnership, said: “There has been a lot of interest surrounding the therapeutic applications of senolytic drugs – compounds that clear toxic senescent cells – particularly with respect to age-associated disease.

“As molecular pathways unique to senescent cells have begun to be identified, we can now develop drugs to target these pathways. We are eager to work with the Juvenescence team, whose experience in drug development, technical depth, and visionary leadership will help us to deliver on the immense potential of this field.”

Antoxerene, Juvenescence form JV to develop senolytic drugs.

Antoxerene, Juvenescence create joint venture to develop senolytic drugs. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Juvenescence focuses on to extend human longevity and is into making complementary investments in related sectors.

Commenting on the deal made relating to the co-development of senolytic drugs, – CEO of Juvenescence said: “FoxBio plays to both companies’ strengths, which is why we are excited about working with the Antoxerene team. We are fascinated with the Antoxerene platform and its ability to discover intriguing compounds in the area of senescence. This is a great fit with Juvenescence’s track record in drug development, so FoxBio is a very exciting new company in the area of longevity.”

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