Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

Amazing health benefits of Fava beans

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Fava are the tiny, delicious, sweet, earthy flavor green legumes that grow as .

Fava beans are a rich source of , fibre and vitamins. It has amazing benefits of motor function and boosts your immunity. It is also known to improve cholesterol levels by adding it to your diet.

Fava beans improves symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Fava beans contain a chemical compound known as levodopa, the deficiency of which causes Parkinson’s disease. Dopamine cells are destroyed in case of Parkinson’s disease. Levodopa is prescribed for patients with this disease.

Parkinson’s disease is characterized by tremors, motor function issues and difficulty in walking. According to the research, consuming of 250 grams had a positive effect on blood dopamine levels and motor function after consuming it after 12 hours in body.

Fava beans for bone

Fava beans are rich in copper and manganese that are required to prevent bone loss. The deficiency of these minerals manganese and copper reduces the formation of bones and increase excretion.

As per the studies, by consuming these vital nutrients can improve bone health. So add fava beans to your diet to improve the health of your bones.

Fava beans boosts immune system

Fava beans improve antioxidant property which is important for the body to get rid of free radicals that could damage cells and result in a disease. Consumption of loads of fava beans helped to treat human lung cells as per a new study.

Fava beans to prevent birth defects

Fava beans contain folate that helps on fetal development. Folate is an essential component to create organs and cells. Pregnant women are prescribed to consume more folate and take food rich in folate to develop the baby’s brain and spinal cord and to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

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