Published On: Sun, May 2nd, 2021

Amara Raja Batteries ordered to close two plants in Chittoor dist. by APPCB

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Amara Raja Batteries said that it has been ordered by the (APPCB) for closing its plants at Karkambadi and Nunegundlapalli in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh with immediate effect.

The company, which manufactures lead-acid batteries, said that it is taking all the required measures to adhere to the orders from the state pollution control board.

Besides, Amara Raja Batteries is said to have initiated contingency plans so that there is no dislocation in battery supplies to its customers in essential service segments such as defence, telecom, hospitals, along with other sectors.

The battery manufacturer will study all options and prepare for all possible recourse that are available to it for ensuring that interests of society at large, suppliers, partners, customers, and all employees are safeguarded.

Amara Raja Batteries ordered to close two plants in Chittoor district by APPCB

Amara Raja Batteries ordered to close two plants in Chittoor district by APPCB. Photo courtesy of Capri23auto from Pixabay.

A spokesperson of Amara Raja Batteries said: “We shall continue to make our efforts to engage with APPCB authorities in the interest of avoiding a dislocation in supplies to some of our largest clients in sensitive sectors. At a time of a national emergency in the form of the Covid pandemic, such a dislocation could be calamitous.

“All our manufacturing plants have undergone various annual/bi-annual environmental audits and certifications over many years and have received several awards for safety and environmental sustainability and have adhered to the highest norms of Environment, , safety. Our choices have always been guided by a commitment to society that are socially and environmentally responsible.”

Amara Raja Batteries stated that it had earlier made representations to the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board on several environmental control steps it had implemented in line with industry standards, regulatory requirements, besides initiating improvement actions.

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