Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2018

Aloe vera gel making method : Preparation of aloe vera gel at home in just 6 steps

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Do you want to prepare your own aloe vera gel at home and searching ways on how to make aloe vera gel at home, this is the right place where you can know on how to make aloe vera gel at home in six steps:

Aloe vera has many medicinal and benefits and it is also known as medicinal aloe. Aloe vera benefits range from improving the digestive system to nourishment.

Aloe vera has many health and beauty benefits. Aloe vera is now available in many forms but aloe vera gel is more popular than other forms.

So with increase in demand for aloe vera gel, manufacturers have started adulterating the gel which shows less medicinal effects. So for an effective , we need to use pure gel that we can prepare at home.

Method of preparation of aloe vera gel at home

So give a try to make fresh and pure aloe vera gel at home in just six simple steps.

In the first step, wash your hands neatly and apply sanitizer to your hands and tools that will be used for making aloe vera gel. So wash aloe vera, one deep bowl, knife, spoon and a glass container in which it will be store after preparation.

Coming to the second step, slice off healthy aloe leaf at the base as it will be more mature than the top and will have abundant amount of healthy gel.

After you slice the leaf, you can view resin coming out of the cut portion of the leaf. Allow the dark yellow resin to drain out for 10-15 minutes. This resins contains latex that cause irritation to the skin.

In the next step, scoop the gel out with a spoon or knife after the resin is drained out and transfer it to a sanitized bowl.

Mix the fresh aloe vera gel with a natural preservative like vitamin C powder by blending the powder and fresh gel properly till you get the thick consistency.

Now you can transfer the gel into a clean glass container and your homemade aloe vera gel is ready to use.

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