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Alcohol Abuse : Causes, Effects and Complications

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Stay away from Addiction as alcohol affects your

What is meant by Alcohol Abuse?

When a person drinks alcohol repeatedly without any control and craves for, it is considered as alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse have severe effects on his life. His work efficiency reduces, family relations get disrupted and society eliminates him. It also affects his health severely. Therefore it is considered as a serious problem and it should be detected early and controlled to prevent further serious complications.

For those who live in Virginia, know that there are a number of alcohol abuse resources for Virginia residents that could help you out.

What are the causes of alcoholism?

Some times alcoholism runs in some families as though it is hereditary. If there is a person in the family habituated to drinking alcohol the children watching him get slowly accustomed to this habit. Therefore it appears as though it is hereditary Loss of loved ones, loss of a job and failure in the business are some causes to resort to drinking alcohol. Friendly drinks, parties, forcing alcohol by other drinkers are also responsible for becoming habituated.

What are the effects of alcohol on health?

  • First alcohol stimulates the brain and later depresses.
  • Speech gets impaired and talks incoherently.
  • Unsteady walking, cannot walk properly.
  • Shivering of hands
  • Aggressiveness
  • Vomiting
  • Stupor, Pupils get dilated and the looks changes.
  • Reduces muscle co ordination and produces sleep.
  • If large quantities are consumed it depresses the vital centers and may go into coma leading to death.

Severe complications of alcoholism

  • The major complication is liver damage. It produces hepatitis and jaundice. Finally the liver undergoes cirrhosis and liver failure.
  • Gastrointestinal complications like indigestion, constipation and . Mal nutrition, gastric ulcers and pancreatitis are the other complications.
  • The nervous system gets affected. The person develops numbness of hands and the feet and shivering of hands.
  • Impotence (Sexual failure)
  • Leads to diabetes, kidney problems and failure of kidneys
  • Cardiovascular diseases like leading to heart failure and stroke
  • Also leads to depression and anxiety.
  • In pregnant women leads to birth defects in children
  • A new recent study by George institute of Australia revealed that people who consume large quantities of alcohol have more risk for developing of the colon by 60%. The study also revealed that the risk is still more in obese people coupled with poor dietary habits, and consuming large quantities of red processed meat.
  • Therefore people with alcohol abuse should be identified early and get treated to control it otherwise it leads to severe complications and even death of the person.

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