Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2013

Adverse Effects of Watching TV on Kids

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Watching TV by kids and its adverse effects

Watching TV by kids and its adverse effects

It is a known fact that viewing TV by kids affects adversely their development. Although it is an excellent source for education and entertainment, viewing TV for long periods should be controlled by parents to prevent habit formation. It affects their social life, habit, sometimes they may become aggressive and become over weight.

A recent study showed that keeping infants in front of TV reduce their cognitive development. A study was made on infants aged between 2- 48 months with light weight recorders that can record every noise they heard in a 24 hour period. A computer was programmed to identify the sound whether it came from the TV, adult or from the infant. The analyzed data revealed that infants heard less number of words from the adults by 7% compared with the controlled group. Therefore the infant’s capacity to learn was reduced.

Hearing words from the adults by the infants is very much needed for their cognitive development. The tender brain of below 2 years life is considered very important for learning. If they are continuously exposed to TV and other electronic media their learning capacity is affected. This should be prevented by parents and others.

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