Published On: Tue, Nov 28th, 2017

Fazer Group launches new insect flour bread made from crickets

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Bakery industry news : Finnish bakery chain Fazer Group has invented a new hand-baked insect flour bread made from dried and powdered crickets mixed in flour which has been named as Fazer Sirkkaleipa or Fazer Cricket Bread in English.

Fazer Cricket Bread has been initially launched across 11 in-store bakeries of Fazer Group in Finland.

The Finnish bakery chain will launch the insect flour bread in a phased manner all across Finland. As of now, though, Fazer Group says that there isn’t enough cricket flour to make a huge number of insect flour bread loves to launch the product at a national stage.

However, the Finnish bakery company has plans to launch the cricket flour bread in all its 47 in-store bakeries in the country as part of a next wave of product launch.

Finnish bakery company Fazer Group has launched a new cricket flour bread named as Fazer Cricket Bread

Finnish bakery company Fazer Group has launched a new cricket flour bread named as Fazer Cricket Bread. Photo courtesy of Cision.

Fazer Group has been working on the insect flour bread from last summer with an aim to bring the new product to its range of offerings across its in-store bakeries.

Finland’s lifting of the ban on selling insects made as food earlier this month has helped Fazer Group to go forward with the launch of the new cricket flour bread.

Commenting on the launch of the insect flour bread called as Fazer Cricket Bread, Markus Hellström, the managing director of Fazer Bakery Finland, said: “We wanted to be in the forefront of food revolution. We want to boost growth in the bread category with hand-made artisanal bread, also in the future.

“In the Fazer in-store bakeries, we can easily bake and test different kinds of novelties. The first-in-the-world Fazer Cricket Bread is a great example of this.”

According to the Finnish bakery company, the new cricket flour bread contains as many as 70 house crickets that were previously dried and crushed into powder form, and then blended with flour. Fazer Group says that as crickets are very light, their content in the cricket flour bread is just 3% of the bread’s weight.

Juhani Sibakov, the director of Fazer Bakery Finland Innovation, revealing more details on the new cricket flour bread, said: “The leading star in our bakery products is always excellent taste. We made a crunchy dough to enhance taste and increase mouthfeel.

“The result is delicious and nutritious. Cricket bread is a good source of protein. Insects also contain good fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12.”

Fazer Group says that the new insect flour bread – Fazer Cricket Bread is among the future products planned by Fazer Bakery in which flour will be replaced with raw materials that are nutritious.

The Finnish bakery company has applied the same concept to Fazer Root Vegetable Bread and Fazer Seed Bread in which vegetables and seeds replaced one third of the flour.

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