Published On: Thu, Nov 23rd, 2017

Coca Cola launches Thums Up Charged, new cola beverage brand in India

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Thums Up Charged launch news : Coca-Cola India is celebrating forty years of the Thums Up cola soft drink brand by launching its first ever variant in Thums Up Charged, a new cola beverage brand which it says will be packed with much more thunder.

If Thums Up itself is easily the strongest soft drinks in India, then Thums Up Charged is expected to be stronger than the original brand. Thums Up is usually not consumed by young children who feel it is too strong for their stomach. However, it is a huge hit among youngsters and is generally considered as a man’s drink with women preferring softer tasting drinks.

Thums Up Charged will be available in seven different packaging formats – 250ml PET, 400ml PET, 500ml PET to go along with 180ml Can, 200ml Can, 300ml Can and 330ml Can.

Coca Cola will push Thums Up Charged among the masses with a strong integrated marketing effort through advertising across TV, internet, social media, radio, outdoor and retail channels.

Thums Up Charged launch event

Thums Up Charged launch event. Photo courtesy of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY.

Talking on Thums Up Charged launch, Vijay Parasuraman, the Vice President of Marketing at Coca-Cola India & South West Asia, said: “Thums Up believes in a unique expression of masculinity that challenges us to believe that ‘heroism is a choice.’

“By personifying this, the brand has become a metaphor for uncompromising attitude and unshakeable self-belief which inspires each of us to unleash our inner potential. This belief is crucial to Thums Up as it enables the brand to inspire millions of Indians and make them look up to Thums Up as an icon of masculinity.

“The launch of Thums Up Charged takes this iconicity to the next level and will help accelerate the journey to becoming the first home-grown billion dollar beverage brand.”

Coca Cola India is hoping that Thums Up will become the first-ever $1 billion cola beverage brand from India.

Interestingly, Thums Up is truly an original Indian drink which was founded in 1977 by Parle Agro. Thums Up launch came soon after the exit of Coca Cola from the Indian market owing to differences with the central government over strict rules on foreign companies.

Thums Up joined Limca and Gold Spot, the two popular brands of Parle Agro. In 1991, after the Indian government relaxed its rules on foreign companies, Pepsi forayed into the country to give competition to Thums Up with its sweet and softer taste. It was followed by the return of Coca Cola in 1993.

Parle Agro divested its soft drinks including Thums Up to Coca Cola for $60,000,000. The rest is history with Coca Cola ruling the Indian market beating Pepsi with its Thums Up and Coke brands while the popular Gold Spot gave way to Fanta and Citra had to move out for Sprite.

Let us see how Thums Up Charged launch will impact the business of other cola beverage brands in India in the coming days.

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